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Scarves & Ponchos

Our scarves, and cashmere ponchos are made in Nepal. Every color, and print has been curated for your wardrobe, and a perfect gift for loved ones this Holiday season. 

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  1. Cashmere Poncho
  1. Gigi Wrap
  1. Benaras Wool Scarf/Wrap Orange
  1. Cashmere Wrap
  1. Cashmere Muffler
  1. Cleo Embroidered Woven Scarf
  1. Jora Polka Wool Scarf/Wrap
  1. Florence Blue Wool Scarf/Wrap
  1. Celeste Sequin Wool Wrap
  1. Cappadocia Wool Scarf/Wrap
  1. Sequin Scarf
  1. Akiko Scarf
  1. Nazik Embroidered Wool Scarf/Wrap
  1. Afnan Floral Fine Wool Scarf/Wrap
  1. Kas Polka Wool Scarf/Wrap (2 Color options)
  1. Lhasa Floral Wool Scarf/Wrap Orange